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 Reading and Writing

These skills are the essence of Literate Learner


The editor of our local newspaper recently said, “Tell your students that newspapers are changing. They are going online. They are cutting back pages. They are going weekly. They are doing what they need to do to survive. Then tell your students that no matter how much the format changes, the basis of what they do will require good writers. We will always need good writers.”


That is good advice for teachers. Reading and writing are portable skills that pay dividends to those who master them, regardless of the field of study in college or the field of employment in the working world. Teaching those skills well is important for every teacher and helping teachers do a good job of that is the purpose of creating the Literate Learner web site.


At this point, the Six Traits section of this site and the Read It Forward section are in operation. Our plans will be to build the other sections of Literate Learner into tools that will be as helpful to teachers as the InterActive Six Traits site and the Read It Forward site. Please stop back here in the future to see how this develops, and if you have ideas about how to make this site helpful and meaningful to teachers as we promote reading and writing, please see the Contact Us link and send us your ideas. We want this to be as user-friendly and user-helpful as possible.