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2010-12-05 Vince Long Welcome to The Literate Learner

After much consideration, in the fall of 2010, The Literate Learner made its appearance on the web.  In a way, it's been under development for over 10 years.  Back then, the Interactive 6 Trait Writing site was born, creating a way for students to learn about the 6 Trait writing process through self-paced, interactive exercises.  This not only provided immediate feedback to students, it also compiled data on student and class performance and reported it in a meanful way to the teacher. 

Since then, the 6 Trait site has plodded along, surviving several server crashes, finally to be reborn here with many feature enhancements.  We still look at the 6 Trait application as our flagship product, but not we plan to add other useful applications as well.

Coming soon will be two application for students use in posting their own writings online.  One will be the Read It Forward Project where students submit book reports, reviews, or analysis to a database moderated by their teacher.  We will also have a similar application, The Creative Writing Project, which functions similarly to The Read It Forward Project but focusses on creative writing such as poems, short stories, and even serialized fiction.

We will be featuring an ever changing series of front page articles that will focus, in some way, on our themes of 21st-century literacy, reading and writing, and our Hobbies, Interests, and Passions Project.

Please be patient as we set sail on our shakedown cruise.  While we've tested the site, there are likely to be a few glitches that we'll resolve as soon as possible.  If you encounter an error, please contact me: vlongbsh@yahoo.com





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