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2020-03-02 Steve Gardiner Variety of events create news topics



Winter in Minnesota wouldn't be the same without a few days spent out on snowshoes. We were talking in he newsroom about snowshoeing and wondered what the evolution of snowshoes had been, so I did some searching and wrote

Snowshoe evolution shows dramatic changes in designs, materials

Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to tell the story of Burton and Muriel Gavin who have been married 60 years and have a fascinating story behind all those years.

Gavins' love story has lasted six decades

I've talked to a number of people about climate change this year and one of the most interesting is a Minnesota farmer named Kaleb Anderson. His views on regenerative farming gave me a lot to think about. Read his story

Regenerative farming practices help combat effects of climate change

Last summer four reporters from RiverTown had the chance to tour the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant north of Red Wing. I really wanted to understand the effect the plant might have on fish, wildlife, and plants in the Mississippi River. I heard a good explanation of that and much more during our afternoon at the nuclear plant, and I reviewed that experience in

Xcel Energy develops carbon-free strategy with Prairie Island Nuclear Plant as a key factor




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