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2020-01-05 Steve Gardiner New SSR article and podcast

Sustained Silent Reading has long been a major part of my teaching and my life.  It still is.  Recently, Linda Gamber-Thompson from EdSurge magazine interview me for an article called "Sustained Silent Reading Keeps Students Curious and Engaged."

EdSurge is an online educational magazine that covers all sorts of topics and I thought the article on SSR was a good fit.  You can find a link to it here.

That article drew a fair amount of attention and it caught the eye of the educational podcast editor at Class Dismissed, an organization that has a huge archive of educational podcasts.  Nick Ortego interviewed me and created the podcast called "Learning to Love Books With Silent Sustained Reading."  He did an excellent job with the interview and produced their Episode 125.  

There is some introductory material that is interesting, but if you prefer to go directly to the section on SSR, it begins at the 14:20 mark.  

The link to the podcast is here.

I hope you enjoy both of these productions dealing with Sustained Silent Reading.






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