Title: Demon Thief
Author: Darren Shan

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Hayden Duncan
Date: 2011-05-20

          What lies beyond the reality humans experiecne? Could alternate dimensions or unexplored realms harbor such fantastic creatures as vampires, demons and werewolves? Darren Shan conveys his opinion regarding the answers to these question and more in his page-turning fantasy novel, Demon Thief. This captivating and curiosity- inspiring novel feutures Kernel Fleck, a shy, scrawny teenager;as the potagonist. Witty and curious, Kernel tentatively suppresses these qualities in perpetual caution and distrust of those around him. However, such qualities dominate his internal thoughts motives, and consequently his actions. From early childhood, Kernel observes strange lights that seemingly no one else can see. He cannot explain these strange lights, and thus does not voice his concerns. On his 15th birthday, Kernel observes something out of the ordinary. For the first time, the lights begin to grow. They blossom into brilliant panels of light rembling the shape of a door. Confounded, Kernal exits the boundaries of his cynical comfort zone and seeks help at the local "fortune teller." Upon hearing Kernel's concerns, the fortune teller informs him that he knows what the experiences mean. Astounded that someone else shares his experiences, the fortune teller tells Kernel that he thinks the lights may be doorways into alternate dimensions. Together they set out on a quest to understand the nature of these interdimensional lights, and eventual, through the help off renowned scientist Theodore Ruben, discover how to manipulate the lights in order to make them manifest themselves in the physical world. After doing so, Kernel and Reeves ( the fortune teller) learn of a wave of demons and other previously unkown creatures that plan to take advantage of their oppurtunity. In a desperate attempt to stop the demons and bring one back to study, the two venture into the doorway, never to return again. This book does not dissapoint. From mysteriously building tension to a cliffhanger that may never be resolved, the work really provides a basis for the growth of curiosity and scientific exploration in the reader. Innocence and discovery precede the beginning of an unprecadented adventure through different dimensions. Overall, a very good read, and strongly recommended.

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