Title: Scorpia
Author: Anthony Horowitz

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Henry Goodridge
Date: 2011-05-20


This book takes place During the 2000's in two main locations. Venice, Italy and London, England take up most of the book's location system.

Main Character:

Alex Rider works as the youngest spy for the British Secret Service, M16, because he possesses an athletic body and sharp mind. His uncle, a M16 operative, got killed in a car crash and while investigating Alex found himself there.  On his last mission, Alex heard word from a dying assassin that Alex's father worked for the criminal organization Scorpia.

Minor Character:

One minor character goes by the name Nile and he works for Scorpia as it's chief assassin. Nile carries many traits and skills that help someone function well as an assassin. The chip on his shoulder that keeps him from being unstoppable manifests itself as a fear of heights.


Julia Rothman works as the leader of Scorpia. She will do basically anything for money, and doesn't seem to care about any of the consequences. She loved Alex Rider's dad and wants Alex in Scorpia because he reminds her of Alex's dad.


Man Vs Man stands as a conflict in this book, as Alex Rider first goes after M16's Mrs.Jones, because he thinks she lied to him, then he switches to Going for Julia for actually lying to him. Man Vs Society then comes into play as well, with Alex going after M16, then Scorpia.


Alex goes to Venice, Italy to find out about Scorpia and his father. While he looks, Julia Rothman got a client who pays them an enormous amount of money to destroy the credibility and government of Britain. Scorpia plans to accomplish this by killing thousand of school kids in England. They planted cyanide pills covered in metal in the vaccines the kids get each year. The metal covering the cyanide dissipates when the right frequency plays from satellite dishes. Alex eventually finds Scorpia and Julia convinces him to join by showing him a video of his father being shot by M16. Alex's first mission's objectives include going to kill Mrs.Jones, the M16 agent who ordered the death of Alex's father. Alex finds Mrs.Jones in an apartment, and sneaks in to kill her. He fails though, and M16 catches him and tells him that Scorpia plans to kill a bunch of kids. Alex runs back to Scorpia and jumps on the Satellite dish the signal to Release the metal comes from. Nile manages to follow Alex up onto the balloon, but Nile's fear of heights allows Alex to knock him to his death. Alex disables the satellite dishes and returns to M16. Mrs.Jones tells Alex that his father acted as a double agent for M16 and that he faked the shooting and survived, but he actually did die in a plane accident later. Re-joined to M16, Alex leaves the building feeling accomplished... and he promptly takes a bullet to the chest from a Scorpia assassin as he leaves.


I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action-mysteries, the book grabs and keeps the reader's attention, and hits a hard twist ending to pound in a memorable book. "Scorpia" holds many well-written action scenes which flow well with the rest of the book. Overall, it contains a satisfying experience.


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