Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: William Schuman-Kline
Date: 2011-05-20

          My book, Juiced, chronicles the troubled life of Jose Canseco.  Jose begins the book as a teenager playing high school basesball in Miami.  His father pushes him very hard to excel at basesball, but Jose only makes varsity baseball in his senior year.  Surprisingly for Jose, he learns that the Oakland Athletics draft him into professional baseball.  Sent away to Idaho for minor league baseball, Jose begins experimenting with steroids to make himself into a star player.  After a few months, Jose receives the minor league player of the year award and enjoys the new recognition his talents provide himself with.  After his promtion to the major leagues, Jose wins the rookie of the year award further exemplify his many talents. 

          He wins the mvp award two years later and appears to be on track for a Hall of Fame career.  Many injuries in quick succession halt his progress and he begins to be traded once or twice a year for the next few years.  He meets his first wife while playing for Texas, but they divorce quikly afterwards.  Jose begins to inroduce other player to the benefits of steroids, ushering in the new era of home run hitters.  Still oblivious to the drawbacks of steroids, he begins to have frequent trouble with the law, although he takes the blame for several incidents that have nothing to do with him.  As he begins to get his career back on track, major league baseball decides that the steroid era needs to be halted, so they remove Jose from baseball in order to cleanse the sport.  Jose, knowing that he has been wronged, tells his story in this book. 

          This book includes aspects of baseball previously unknown and has an intersting plotline, making it a great book to read regardless of whether people like baseball.

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