Title: Deadline
Author: Chris Crutcher

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Megan Olness
Date: 2011-05-19

           Ben Wolf, an 18 year old boy, recieves life-changing news at the doctor's office one day and that starts this touching story. Wolf learns of a rare blood disease and is given about one year to live. Rather than tell anyone, he decides to keep it a secret and live his life to the fullest in his next few months. His goals consist of going out for football instead of cross country as in the past, dating the one and only Dallas Suzuki, and giving all his teachers a hard time, especially his history teacher. Even though Ben tries to block out and forget the disease and just pretend to only have fun and games, he is faced with different challenges. He worries what will happen with his depressed mother because he always takes care of her. He learns that other people are hiding secrets too, and he discovers that this death could hurt many of his loved ones. Ben Wolf mostly knows from the beginning that the road will challenge him, but he discovers it may hurt more than he thought. Throughout the entire story, Crutcher succeeds in portraying tough situations spot on, but he finds ways to make it funny, happy, and a mix of many different emotions. The idea of someone dying may seem cliche, but the story displays its own originality and hits home.


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