Title: Full Tilt
Author: Neal Shusterman

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Sarah Khan
Date: 2011-05-19

Sweat dripping, hearts pounding, minds frantically racing, and there's only one way to escape. The main character Blake always plays it safe and cautious, but one day as life takes an unexpected turn Blake finds himself fighting to save his life, his brother's, and his two most treasured friends. Through this novel Blake has to ride seven rides before the sun rises, and if Blake doesn't complete all seven him, his brother, and his two friends are stuck in this terrifying, adventure full of rides forever. On these seven rides there are seven of blakes worst fears, and the creator of this place, Cassandra, has set them all up just for him. Throughout this story there is also a horrifying, traumatic accident that had happened to Blake, and just to make the game twice as fun Cassandra toys with this and makes Blake irritable and frustrated. In the end Blake, his brother Quinn, and his best friends Maggie and Russ do the unimaginable, and do what they have to do. Full Tilt is not your average adventure story, it takes you to a world where you haven't been and couldn't even imagine. This book isn't a horror book filled with gory images, just an exciting, mysterious one filled with vivid pictures.This novel is filled with romance, adventure, secret fears, twists and turns, but most importantly it teaches you to let go of your fears. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone looking for a great novel that leaves you speechless! 

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