Title: Consent To Kill
Author: Vince Flynn

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Bryce Curry
Date: 2011-05-19

After many successful novels Vince Flynn has done it again with the book Consent To Kill.  The story follows a C.I.A. operative, Mitch Rapp, who has served his country loyally since the Pan Am 103 flight was shot down over Scotland killing his girlfriend.  Mitch previously uncovered a plot that Al-Qaida planned to detonate a nuclear bomb in Washington D.C.  The plot aimed to kill the president and other officials came to an end when Mitch put his life on the line again for his country.  In the process of saving lives, Mitch had the son of a wealthy Saudi Arabian thrown in jail, but said that he killed him.  Mitch did this to protect the young man from being harmed by other extremists. The father upon hearing the news of his dead son wants Mitch elimated.  He turns to the Prince of Saudi Arabia who recommends him to a former East German spy.  The German hires a hit team to kill Mitch at his home in Virginia, but in the process of bombing Mitch's house they kill Mitch's wife and unborn child.  Mitch lives through the assassination attempt, and vows for the revenge of his lost family.  To make matters worse for the people who tried killing him, the Prince of Saudi Arabia has his friend contact the gang MS-13 so they can try to finish off Mitch.  This goes disastrously wrong for the gang and all but their leader are killed in the attack.  Mitch interrogates the leader, and the leader gives up the Saudi as the person who hired him.  Mitch now knows who has killed his wife and child, as well as made two attempts on his own life, and sets off to have justice be served. 


This is a great book for anyone interested in the government, C.I.A., or counterterrorism.  In order to read this book however the reader must be mature, and able to handle extreme violence and cruelty.  Vince Flynn wrote it exceptionally well, but it is not meant for the faint of heart.

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