Title: At the Journey\'s End
Author: Annette Lyon

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Emmalee Olsen
Date: 2011-05-18

           Abraham Franklin, known by everyone as Abe, experiences the feelings of an outcast in every part of his life.  He, an American Indian, lives in the Utah Territory with his adopted mother, Hannah Franklin.  He faces everything from abuse for not joining the Mormon church, which surrounds him daily, to outright bigotry about his race.  To make matters even worse for him, the only girl that he loves, Lizzy, marries his best friend! Past the time for him to start his life over, he travels to Snowflake, Arizona to make a better home and life for his mother and him.  There, he meets Maddie Stratton.  At first wary of Abe, she detects a sensitive and good spirit about him, and they turn into good friends that can relate to each other's life experiences of lost loves.  As Maddie draws even closer to Abe, Abe realizes that Maddie belongs to the Mormon church, and starts to pull away when he learns his beliefs and Maddie's beliefs don't match.  After a disastrous accident, Maddie performs all actions within her power to save the man she's fallen in love with, Abe, from dying.  After this accident, Abe recovers and starts to see why Maddie believes in the Mormon church, and joins it, not wanting to lose her the same way he lost Lizzy.  An adventurous and captivating story of love and lost loves, this story holds the reader captive until the final sentence. 

 I definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a good love story, full of adventure and suspense throughout the whole story! 












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