Title: Borrowed Light
Author: Carla Kelly

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Katie Olsen
Date: 2011-05-18

        Borrowed Light by Carla Kelly holds the enthralling tale of Julia Darling, a young Latter-Day Saint woman, and her journey as she discovers her place in the world.  After breaking her engagement to the town's beloved banker, Julia replies to a newspaper ad titled "Desperate Rancher," where she goes to Wyoming prepared to use her newfound cooking abilities from her Boston cooking school.  When she arrives, she goes to the ranch of Mr. Paul Otto, James, and the ranch hands who prefer hash-browns and fried steaks to the fancy cuisine of Fannie Farmer Boston School of Cookery's renown  graduate.  Adding to her problems, the nearest 'mormon' chapel and worship service is a 3 hour train-ride from her employer's home.  Eventually, with the help of Paul and many generous neighbors, Julia now can attend church monthly and find her own religious views without borrowing her father's light and strength. As she learns the ways of the West, Julia finds herself falling in love with Paul.  This story holds romance and excitement, and kept me turning the pages, eager to discover more with each chapter.  I recommend Borrowed Light to avid readers everywhere who enjoy romance, adventure, and humor. 

(Kaitlin Olsen)

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