Title: Alice\'s Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Audrey Daniel
Date: 2011-05-15

 A famous story that everyone knows and loves. Lewis Carroll takes his readers on an adventure down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. The story follows Alice, a young curious girl with a knack of getting herself into complicated situations. Alice meets an array of characters such as The Mad Hatter, the Catterpillar, Cheshire Cat, and the King and Queen of Hearts. Every character with their own different quirks. The fantasy land, made up of Alice's imagination holds varying journies for Alice and the readers that makes an exciting story.


   The novel for any ages even adults never ceases to utilize the imagination. People who enjoy fantasy and adventure may be inclined to read this fabulous and celebrated story, along with it's second part Through the Looking Glass.

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