Title: At the stroke of madness
Author: Alex Kava

Rating out of 5:
Reviewed by: Sage Dambrosia
Date: 2011-05-12

A D.C. based artist named Joan Begley already felt lonely when the only person she felt cared about her died. Joan heads to middle Connecticut for the funeral of her only friend. While in Wallingford she meets Sonny who has befriended her over the Internet. However, instead of showing Joan kindness he abducts her completly at random during a "date" one saturday night. Joan's psychiatrist Dr. Gwen Patterson worries about her patient when she mysteriously fails to check out of her room and catch her flight home. She calls her best friend Special Agent, profiling expert Maggie O'Dell to see if she can fing out what happened to Joan. When a female corpse is found in the area, Maggie uses her vacation time to see what happened. As other bodies are found in oil drums in a rock quarry it looks like a serial killer seems to operating in the area. Maggie takes charge of the investigation even though her boss tells her to keep her "butt" out. Sheriff Watermeir is pleased to see her on the case so she can be his fall guy if all goes wrong so he can retire in peace.

The serial killer story line hooks the audience because of the strong cast working the law enforcement side. In many ways the protagonist is typical of the serial killer book. However, the author allows the audience to see inside the heads of the protagonist and several other characters, especially an Alzheimer's victim named Luc and the sheriff.

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