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The Read It Forward Project encourages readers to share their enthusiasm for a good book with others.

Think of a time when you were engaged in a great book, turning page after page, while time seemed to disappear from your consciousness. You became part of the book, not just a passive observer. Your mind was alive with pictures of the places and the people, the sounds, the smells. The reading experience created a true "virtually reality." Remember how you wanted to share that experience with a friend, to encourage them to have a similar experience?

Here, at the Read It Forward Project, we have a tool well-suited to the task. Teachers can set up a place for their students to contribute their reflections on the books they read. It could be in the form of a book report, a book review, or a reflection on a character, a place, or the emotions expressed. It can be a literary analysis, an opposition paper, or even a pan of the book.

The key is to get reading and to get sharing.

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